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Buy Bitcoin - in cash

Copy the SHARE part of the Bitcoin address (it will start with the number  "1") created on into this field, print this bitcoin wallet and keep it in a safe place.
Warning: We strongly suggest to create the wallet only on a secure home computer. Don’t use office or public devices (cafes, libraries, schools, etc.).
The order can be placed without providing an e-mail address. However, in case of any problems regarding the settlement of the order such as exceeding AML limits or wrong bitcoin payment, we will not be able to contact you. Do you want to enter your e-mail address?

Current rates

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The conversion is just approximate. It depends on the moment the notification about the payment is recieved. The full amount is paid at the payment location GECO Tabák-Tisk.

Trade limits are 100 EUR – 1,000 EUR per one transaction.